Mahaveer Fire Safety


Vertical Elevation Escape Chute

The company is a major Variable Elevation Escape Chute (Multiple Zippered Exits) Supplier from Bangalore. Our Variable Elevation Escape Chute is best suited for high altitude evacuation purposes like elevated train system, gondolas, amusement parks rides, hydraulic platform on fire truck etc. Designed as per the set industrial norms, our Variable Elevation Escape Chutes has multiple zipped exits at regular intervals of 3 meters (approximate 7'). The speed of descending is about 2 meters (7') or less per second. With a capacity to hold weight up to 1800 kg, this Variable Elevation Escape Chute is the best choice available in the markets.

Other Information
  • Model : Super ACE S-1-F/N
  • Longest Made : 150 feet
  • Chute Weight : 1.4kg/M (1 lb/ft)z

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