ABC Stored Pressure Type Fire Extinguisher

When the fire breaks, tension and confusion begins. At this emergency situation, we wonât be in a position to deside on the fire extinguisher. Since there are different type of fires, by time we decide one fire extinguisher, we will lose valuable time, which is more or less enough for the fire to take its toll, using the wrong extinguisher is also vulnerable for e. g.: Using water for an electrical fire. Now Guard provides non - conductive ABC class of fire extinguisher, which is so powerful, to cease fire of classes A, B, C and also Electricity Started Fire+D (Optional).

Remove the locking pin & press the squeeze grip powder gushes out in less than 1-2 sec & fire will be put off. The stored Pressure Type Fire Extinguisher needs Zero maintenance & is easy to use. It is sleek and emergency designed. It is cost effective.

Quality Control
All fire extinguishers are hydraulically pressure tested and under goes series of tests and quality control checks like drop test & performance test. Quality is strictly monitored at all stages of manufacturing, which results into best product in its range.

When needle on the gauge moves to red zone on the zero side, extinguisher needs refilling. Guard provides Refilling, Recharging facilities in its own plant.

The Powder (Extinguishant of ABC)
Siliconised mono ammonium phosphate is main extinguishent. It is manufactured as International Standard IS:14609 with apparent density, particle size distribution and is water repellent. It under goes heat test, fire knock down test etc. Mono ammonium phosphate is the costliest and most effective ingredient in the powder.

For D Class Fire
On the special request we can also supply specially powder TEC & OLFLEX for your class D application, where combustible metals like magnesium, aluminium, sodium and potassium., etc are involved.

Technical Details

Flammabe Liquids Flammabe Gas Electical Faults Optional
Wood, Paper, Furnishing,
Rubber, Computer,
Oil, Kerosene,
Petrol, Diesel,
Paints, Etc.
L.P.G. Acetelyne Etc. Electrically
Started Fire
Can also Be
Supplied At Extra
cost Tec, Ol,
Flex, Powder
Home, Office,
Bussiness Centres,
Cinema Halls,
Banks Etc.
Kitchen Ware,
Houses Garrages,
Service Station,
Petrol Pumps
Generator Rooms
Storage Depots,
Restaurants Homes
Workshops Etc.
At Any Place Metali Burning
magnesium, Aluminum,
Sodium and


Capacity Discharge Time
in sec
Height of F/E' in
mm Approx
Diameter of F/E'S
in mm
Approximate Weight
in Kg of Filled
50gms 5-8 280 65 1.85
1kg 6-12 340 90 2.5
2kg 6-12 390 110 3.5
5kg 15-25 510 150 11.0
10kg 25-30 600 175 16.0

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