Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguisher

Mahaveer Fire Safety is one of the trusted Manufacturers and Suppliers of Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguishers. These Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguishers (AFFFF) are especially effective where petrol, paraffin, oil, varnishes, paints spirits, solvents, (class âBâ fire) is involved.

  • Made IS : 10204
  • Easy to use
  • Speedy in action
  • Great fire killing power
  • Mounted on rubber Tyred/Iron wheels
  • Easy mobility
  • Fitted with
    • Gun metal unions
    • Nozzles/foam producing branch pipe

  • They expel a jet of foam, which can be directed onto the fire to quench it instantly

  • Hand portable models are available in 9ltrs. capacity
  • Trolley type Mechanical Foam (AFFF) Model available in 50ltrs. and 153ltrs. capacities

  • Factories
  • Chemical and petro-chemical storages
  • Aerodromes
  • Ships
  • Private estates


ModelsMechanical Foam
91t50 It153 1t
Jet Range4/7m5/11 m15/20m
Discharge Time60-65sec75-80 sec210/240sec
Discharge quantity95/98%95/98%96/97%
Test Pressure25kgf/Cm225kgf/Cm225kgf/Cm2

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